External Examination

Comprehensive Examination

The academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semester will have a minimum of 90 working days. Examination days are excluded. Comprehensive examination will be conducted in all semesters during November/December and April/May every year for all the UG and PG programs. A student, who fails in any subject in any semester, shall be permitted to take it at subsequent Comprehensive Examination, provided that the student has fulfilled the attendance requirements. To qualify for UG/PG degree, candidates are required to pass in all the subjects prescribed for the program within six/four semesters. Beyond that period, the candidate shall follow the current syllabus for the examinations. Students shall get a clearance of no dues from the departments, only then they are eligible to get the Hall Ticket for the Comprehensive Examination. If a candidate fails to submit the report on project work on or before the date specified by the College,she shall be deemed to have failed in the project work and shall submit the report for evaluation in the next even semester only.

Comprehensive Examinations – TheoryComprehensive Examinations – Practical
Duration of the Examinations – 3 hoursDuration of the Examinations as specified by the Board of Studies
Maximum – 75 marksMaximum – 60 marks

External and Final evaluation


There shall be a final written examination in each of the subjects for three hours duration at the end of each semester.


For practical examinations the students have to submit a bonafide record note book signed by the subject teacher and approved by the Head of the Department. The candidates who failed in the practical shall submit the same record note book for reappearance. There shall be a practical examination at the end of each semester. An internal and external examiner conducts the practical examinations and the papers shall be valued jointly. All practical examinations shall be completed before the commencement of theory examinations.

Passing requirements and Provisions

For Under- graduate courses, the passing minimum is 40 marks.

  • The Breakup of the 40 marks will be 10(CA) + 30 (CE).

  • There is no minimum mark for CA.

  • However, the candidate has to get a minimum of 30 in CE. For example: 20(C
    A) + 20(CE) shall be declared as reappearance. A Candidate with 0 in CA and
    40 in CE could be declared to have passed the exam.

A candidate qualifies for the award of degree with distinction, when he passes all the courses of study in first attempt. If she secures 75% and above in the first attempt, she will be declared to have passed with a Distinction. If she secures 60% and above, she will be declared to have passed in First class. All other candidates who qualified for the award of degree with below 60% shall be declared to have passed in Second class.

Marks and Grades

The following table gives the marks, grade points, letter grades and classification to indicate the performance of the candidate.

Conversion of Marks to Grade Points and Letter Grade (Performance in a Course / Paper)

70-747.0-7.4A+Very Good

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