• The hostel is located in sylvan surroundings.

  • Hostel is a home away from home for many students.

  • The hostel has well furnished rooms, hygenic kitchen, spacious dining halls for both Under graduate and Post graduate students.

  • Mineral water, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Intercom, Medical facilities, Television facilities are provided in the hostel.

  • The entire hostel is computerized by Security cameras.

  • Hostel life inspires students to be flexible, diplomatic and instills in them team spirit and independent thinking.

  • The hostels are administered by wardens and they take utmost care of the students.

Rules & Regulations

  • Application for admission to hostel shall be made in the prescribed form which can be had from the Office.

  • Hostel Furniture shall not be removed from one room to another under any circumstances.

  • Students are responsible for the care of furniture and fittings in their respective rooms.

  • Students are not allowed to use extra electrical fitting in their rooms unless permitted by the Hostel Authorities.

  • All the rooms, doors and windows should be kept neat and tidy. Students should keep the toilets and bathrooms clean.

  • Residents are instructed to switch off the lights and fans when they go out of the rooms, to save electric power.

  • Guests /Visitors are not permitted to enter any rooms allotted to the residents.

  • If any misuse of computers and mobile phones in hostel rooms is brought to notice of Hostel authorities the respective resident(s) will be expelled from the hostel.

  • Students should not arrange any functions or meeting within the hostel /collage campus or outside the campus, without prior permission from the Principal and Warden.

  • Accommodation in the hostel will not be given to students who are not active boarders in the hostel.

  • No student should stay away from the hostel on any day without the prior permission of the Principal and Warden.

  • Abnormal activities of any nature causing disturbance to neighbours should not be carried out in the rooms.

  • Students should not paste any posters /pictures etc on the walls, doors, windows and shelves. Cut-outs should not be placed or brought in the hostel.

  • Student should not keep large amount of cash or costly items like mobile phones, camera, Electronic gadgets, jewellery etc. in their rooms. Hence complaint about loss or theft about such costly items is discouraged.

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