Internal Examination

Continuous assessment


Continuous assessment will be carried out by the teachers responsible for the subjects they teach,on dates centrally specified by the College exam cell. There will be three tests for each subject with accepted innovative techniques such as seminars, assignments.

The program such on evaluation shall be specified before the commencement of each semester in consultation with the respective Heads and Principal. Any CA test should be completed before the commencement of the comprehensive examination. PG students will be required to present seminars on topics of their choice with the assignments.

Conduct of Internal Assessment Test (Continuous Assessment)

To ensure the gradual and study progress of the students, Continuous Assessment System is followed. For regularity of attendance, 5 marks shall be awarded. For submission of assignment/seminar 5 marks shall be awarded. Three unit tests shall be conducted at convenient stages of the semester. The average is worked out for 15 marks and thus the CA is arrived at for each student.

Scheme of Assessment

Test No.Portion to becoveredTest DurationMax. Marks
Test – I1 Unit1 Hr25
Test – II2,3 Units1 Hr25
Test – III4,5 Units1 Hr25
Test– IVAll the 5 Units3 Hr75

There shall be three tests for each subject and the average of the three tests shall be considered for 25 marks as weightage for internal marks.

(ii) Practical

Every student is continuously assessed in each and every practical class. In addition to this one or two internal practical tests shall be conducted. The average of all shall be taken for internal practical marks. To appear for the Comprehensive Practical Examinations, each student shall have 75% attendance in the Practical Classes.

(ii) Project

Three Project Reviews shall be conducted for final year PG students during the fourth semester for the Two year Program and in the Sixth semester for the Three year Program. The student shall attend all the three Project Reviews for Internal Marks. Candidates those who do not attend more than one Review shall not be permitted to submit the Project during that semester and shall be permitted to submit in the forth coming even semester only.

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